A Brand New PomodoroApp: 3.0 Beta is out

After serious and hard working, a brand new version of PomodoroApp Desktop 3.0 Beta is out. Here are some information about the new Pomodoro Timer:

1. Basic information about version 3.0

  • It’s a brand new version, new service for online synchronization across multiple machines, and mobile devices.
  • Because of the requirement for online synchronization, we start everything from scratch in 3.0, including user interface, graphics(except logo), development tools and framework.
  • The 3.0 beta for desktop is out today, but mobile version, iPhone and Android, are not ready to ship for now.
  • We changed our mind set from a simple task management and pomodoro timer on desktop, the new vision is to make a professional pomodoro timer supporting multiple platforms and devices, and the more important, can be used for small teams.

2. New features

  • The biggest change is to design for online synchronization. So now you can synchronize across multiple machines.
  • A brand new user interface, much better then before.
  • User experience improvement:
    • Drag and drop tasks to reorder.
    • Drag and drop tasks between current select list, today list and unplanned task list.
    • Drag and drop tasks to list.
  • Security:
    • All your data, including password, content of tasks/projects are encrypted on your local machine, as well as the server.
    • The network traffic is encrypted. Your data is still safe when you are in public wifi.
    • Even as the service provider, we are not able to decrypt your data. We have a sophisticated method to protect your data. Your data can only be viewed with correct password. So, please be sure to keep your password. Once you lost it, no one can get your data back.

3. What’s changed in 3.0

  • Account: you need to register an account before using it. The registration is super simple in login dialog inside the software, only an account name and a password.
  • Licensing
    • PomodoroApp 2.x released as a shareware, and has functional limitation for free version.
    • PomodoroApp 3 will release a freeware, but charged for online services, that is, the storage on server and online synchronization among devices. The rate would be US$1.99/month, a fixed rate. You pay for your account, no additional fee for multiple machines or devices. Beta user will get half year service for free. If you stopped paying for your account, you can still use the software on Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android phone, everything remained unchanged except that you cannot synchronize among your devices, and your data will stopped backing up on server.

4.  What missed in 3.0, but will appear soon in future releases.

  • Statistics and report.
  • Floating mini window.
  • Dynamic timer icon overlay on taskbar(Windows)/dockbar(Mac OSX).
  • 2.x database cannot be migrated to 3.0 so far.

5. Known Issues

  • Mac OSX 10.6 support will coming later, now only Mac OSX 10.7 or above is supported.

6. What’s coming soon

  • PomodoroApp for Android
  • PomodoroApp for iPhone
  • PomodoroApp for Windows Phone
  • PomodoroApp for Blackberry

7. What will happen in near future

  • PomodoroApp for team, for collaboration between small team, and online service will be enhanced for realtime synchronization.

Download it here: PomodoroApp 3.0 Beta:

Mac OSX 10.7/10.8

Microsoft Windows

Linux 32 bit(Tested on Ubuntu 12.04, see Note below)

Linux 64 Bit(Tested on Ubuntu 12.04, see Note below)

Note for Linux Users:

  • You need to run sudo apt-get install libjpeg62 libxss1 to install necessary libraries
  • If you still have troubles to run, please open a console and run it from console, you’ll get information that what’s missed.

2 screenshots on Windows and Mac:


PomodoroApp 3.0-Beta for Mac OSX


PomodoroApp 3.0 Beta for Windows 7 (Timer is running)

Enjoy it!