Pomodoro Timer for Windows 7

PomodoroApp is a Pomodoro Timer for people who apply The Pomodoro Technique® as personal time management tool.

Step 1: Planning

Planning is the first activity you should take at the beginning of the your work day. PomodoroApp provided a GTD like tool to help you create task list, add activities to task list, and select some of them to today’s todo list.


Step 2: Tracking

This is the counting-down timer for work time and rest time. Also, when it’s going to the break, you have a chance to switch between long break and short break.



 A floating widget is also provided as a replacement if your task is auto-hidden.screenshot-floating-windows

Step 3: Learn from Report

After a day’s work, you can learn from your daily/weekly reports, and learn to improve your productivity.


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